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See ya later New York, headed to San Fran with @thebachbook for some @HBO fun times! b a d c
(via Todd Snyder Giveaway) b a d c
(via Be An Original) b a d c
Another shot from my latest post. (excuse my week-old traveler’s beard) 😜 b a d c
Spent my afternoon in Strand  Bookstore wearing @bananarepublic #openforjoy now on b a d c
This. Yes. Obsessed. b a d c
Riding the metro in @danielwellingtonwatches @miansai cuff and @libertyutd spike b a d c
Life is but one marvelous adventure - when you let your mind wander, the body is sure to follow. b a d c
Details from my latest blog post —-> @octovo bag + @originalpenguin jacket. b a d c
It takes faith, trust, and a little pixie dust. Let’s never grow up… Happy Halloween, friends! #PeterPan b a d c
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