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Paris Dairy: No. 2via scoutsixteen
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#fbf when I got my latest tattoo… I feel it’s about time to get another one (or ten) soon. ๐Ÿ˜œ b a d c
Already missing Paris. New “Paris Diary” post on the blog ๐Ÿ‘‰ b a d c
Channeling my childhood in overalls at my shoot with @detailsmag x @dieselusa! (at Dune Studios) b a d c
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Eiffel Tower love in #Paris wearing #thejeanmachine shirt / @asos pants and backpack. #octovotakesparis  (at Tour Eiffel) b a d c
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Another day in Paris. Can’t beat this kind of life… #octovotakesparis  (at Quai de la Tournelle) b a d c
Quick shower + a Coca before finishing up some work, then bed. Paris be tiring me out! (at Hôtel des Ducs d’Anjou) b a d c
Light travels through Paris today … @octovo @danielwellingtonwatches @libertyutd (at Hôtel des Ducs d’Anjou) b a d c
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